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Pressure Ulcer Case Study. Curtis Long, DPM, Walla Walla, WA

5/21/12: Wound Area 3.5 cm2
Sharp debridement followed 
by Excellagen Application

7/16/12: Complete Wound
Closure at 8 weeks

Subsequent to single Excellagen application, weekly dressing changes were performed using Aquacel hydrofiber dressing

Patient Data
General Health Status
Obese, Wheelchair-Dependent,Type II Diabetes
Wound Location
Left Plantar Heel–formed at pressure point
(foot rest of wheelchair)
Wound Duration
16 Weeks
(prior to Excellagen treatment)
Prior Therapies Debridement, Hydrophilic Wound Dressing,
Pressure-Relieving Padding

Excellagen is indicated for the management of wounds. Although many patients benefit from the use of the product, results may vary. Please see full prescribing information.