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Information for Health Care Professionals

About Excellagen

Excellagen is packaged in a kit containing 4 single-use syringes and four sterile flexible applicators.
  • Excellagen is a highly refined fibrillar bovine Type I collagen-based topical gel designed for physician use during debridement procedures, and is engineered to support a favorable wound healing environment for non-healing lower extremity ulcers in diabetic patients.
  • Excellagen is stored at standard refrigeration temperatures (2°C - 8°C) and is packaged in single-use 1.0cc syringes containing 0.5cc of formulated collagen, supplied with single-use sterile flexible applicator tips.
  • Excellagen is labeled for use by health care professionals in a clinical setting.

Benefits of Excellagen include:

  • Ready-to-use, pre-filled sterile syringes minimize preparation time.
  • Simple and easy: no thawing or mixing.
  • Flowable: no sutures or staples.
  • Viscosity optimized gel is dripless and provides complete wound coverage.
  • Only a thin layer required.
  • Treatment is needed at only one or two week intervals.

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